About Me

cathybazan.comAs a first-generation American, I learned early in life that qualities such as work ethic, passion for learning and persistence are not only invaluable for success; but for survival.

Through various years of charity work in various non-profit organizations, I was fortunate to not only develop a strong work ethic, but also discovered a passion to serve those that cannot speak, nor defend themselves; dogs and cats. I was given the opportunity to learn valuable skills by “doing” because fellow volunteers took the time to mentor me. I was shown the importance of responsible leadership, teamwork, and the importance of leveraging technology to maximize benefits to stakeholders. However, the most important lesson I learned was to use non-conventional thinking to solve problems with nominal resources.

As a direct result of my volunteer experience, I have been able to excel professionally, personally and academically. To date I have successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and MBA while working full-time. At present, I am working on a post baccalaureate in accounting and will ultimately seek to become a doctoral candidate in the near future. I am a self-identified and proud geek with an insatiable craving for knowledge. Continuous learning affords me the opportunity to reframe the world around me. Some of my favorite subjects include: cultural anthropology, archeology, history, medieval art, animation, graphic design, future technology, business process improvement, and software development.

As for my personal life, my fiancé and I have been together for over seven years and feel very lucky to have a home filled with the most amazing rescue dogs. We love our dogs more than anything in the world! I am very proud to say that my fiancé is starting law school this fall. However, as our lives have become busier each day, we have limited time together, so we spend time at home with our “furry children”, visiting local bookstores and cycling. We both feel strongly about helping animals, so we do our best to find resources to do our part in supporting local animal welfare and rescue organizations.

Now, I feel I must explain the reason for the creation of this blog. My objective is to create a lasting body of work that will allow me to deposit some of the “tasty morsels” of knowledge and wisdom that I seem to routinely stumble upon. My greatest hope is that perhaps you, my dearest reader, will find some enjoyment and perhaps some inspiration from this blog.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you!